Meet Dr. Kevin Mueller.

Kevin Lee Mueller was born and raised in Granite City Illinois. He grew up loving baseball and went on to become the starting shortstop at Trinity University in San Antonio. His passion for baseball took him as far as playing semi-pro ball where the pro scouts were in regular attendance. But pro ball was not meant to be due to a career ending injury in his senior year. One chapter closes and another one opens.

In 1980, Kevin Mueller earned his doctorate in medical dentistry (DMD) in East St. Louis Illinois where now Dr. Mueller also performed his general practice residency.

While on vacation to Arizona in 1982, Dr. Mueller fell in love its unique beauty and decided to start a new life, a family and his own practice (named Paseo Dental) here in Glendale Arizona.

Heeding the call to “go (further) west young man”, Dr. Mueller sold his practice in Glendale and moved to California. But Arizona drew him back in 2004, which is when he opened Arizona Smile Design.

Dr. Mueller has a passion for excellence in everything he does. His sports interests are now golf where he has enjoyed as low as a three handicap and he has become an accomplished ballroom dancer, where he has also competed routinely over the years.

Dr. Mueller’s passion for dentistry has only grown stronger as the science around it has grown. The latest technologies encourage dentists to look beyond the condition of the cavity and wear and see its ultimate cause. Today’s brave new world of new technology reaches far beyond what yesterday’s dentist could have ever imagined. The teeth and many seemingly unrelated physical challenges stem from what happens when we sleep.

When you ask Dr. Mueller what defines him, his response is quick: “I love life, learning and the people I serve.”

Kevin Mueller, DMD