Intra Oral Camera


Do you recall the small hand-mirror your dentist used to show you your mouth? Not so long ago, patients were dependent on their dentists to tell them what was happening inside their mouth. The advent of the intra-oral camera allows​ our dentists​ to show you the exact nature of the issues that require your attention. This shift from explanation to demonstration has proven to be an invaluable asset to both our dentists and our patients.

A flexible video camera, roughly the diameter of a pen, instantly transmits live video of your mouth to a full-color, high-definition video monitor. Our dentists then walk you through each issue and explain potential strategies to help resolve them. Hearing about your dental issues is one thing. Seeing them is something entirely different. 

Take an Active Role in Your Own Dental Treatment


Before the advent of the intra-oral camera, it was very difficult for our patients to visualize the ​treatment​ that needed to be performed on their teeth. They were more like observers and less like participants. In one sense, the intra-oral camera is responsible for moving our patients from passive observation to active participation. In short, our intra-oral cameras allow you to see what WE see, helping us to diagnose dental issues much earlier than ever before and allowing you to become ​more active in your dental care.​

The magnification power of the device permits unrivaled clarity, even at very close range, which results in a better diagnosis and more effective treatment. Any device that creates more trust between you and our dentist is always a good thing. The more informed you are about the state of your oral health, the more control you have over how to improve it.